Office with a View, Please

In the wake of coronavirus, the corporate landscape has drastically changed, with many people now working remotely for the foreseeable future. While no longer operating from a traditional office environment can certainly pose a challenging adjustment for some, the silver lining is that it allows for more opportunity to travel since employees can now work from virtually anywhere.

Travel trends are reflecting these work-life changes as well: Not only are people looking to make up for lost vacation time by extending their summer travel plans well into the fall, but they’re also taking slightly longer trips since they’re able to work from their destinations. So with a little foresight, the freedom to turn any pristine location you’ve been wanting to visit into your office is completely possible.

Consider the following tips for taking your office on the road as smoothly as possible:

  1. Get your (electronic) ducks in a row: Before heading out, make sure you have all the tools you need in order to easily communicate and effectively do your job, whether that be a laptop, tablet, and/or cell phone with all the necessary data, programs, and apps already installed and ready to go. 
  1. Travel light: Pack a small bag with versatile wardrobe options and try to find a place with laundry access if you plan on staying a while. You won’t exactly have to dress to impress as you normally would at the office, and interactions with people outside your immediate travel group will likely be minimal anyway.
  1. Find a work-friendly accommodation: Pick your travel accommodations based on the ability to have access to an optimal work space such as a designated business area with a desk, chair, and reliable internet. Bonus points if you’re able to score an “office” with an ocean view—or at least one that provides access to an ocean!
  1. Get in the know: Research the area you’re visiting and find out what types of restrictions are in place. For example, is there a mandatory quarantine based on where you’re coming and going from? Find out exactly what is open and to what extent, as business operations can vary drastically from place to place and sometimes even from day to day.

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